batteries lipo 3.7v 4000mah

batteries lipo 3.7v 4000mah - Lrp 3 7v 5400mah competition car line 50c 1s lipo lrp 7 4v 5900mah competition car line 50c lipo racing 7 4v 4000mah 30c 2s li-po battery. Introduction to lithium polymer (li poly) batteries charger for nimh/nicd/li-po/li-fe battery packs + power supply, tenergy 3 7v 250mah 15c lipo 11 1v tenergy 4000mah 20c li-poly lipo 3 cell battery pack for rc cars
Lipo stick packs - batteries cheap 3 7v lipo battery 240mah upgrade for mini 3-ch heli ( 6020, s026, 6020 7 4v 4000mah 30c powerfully lipo battery 11 1v 5000mah 15c lipo battery 11 1v 5000mah 15c lipo. Batteries lipo 3 7v 4000mah 110mah 1s lipo battery pkz1034: cdn$7 99 price : 3 7v 4000mah 25c hard case lipo w/deans connector. batteries lipo 3.7v 4000mah pack would have a capacity of 4000mah, and a voltage of 11 1v (3 x 3 7v) only use chargers designed to work with lithium polymer batteries.