best battery for sky surfer v3

best battery for sky surfer v3 - Battery charge safety new best beginner plane 3ch + 4ch 2 4ghz blitzrcworks sky surfer v3 aerobatic radio remote control electric rc. blitz rc sky surfer with v3 microjet motor en 900mah lithium polymer battery for e_sky lama v3 v4 (lipo) s2645 - -used for: esky lama v3 v4 walkera 5 4 5 8-capacity: 900mah-voltage: 7 4v-discharge.
Sky Surfer V3 - hottest 2 4ghz rc helicopters 100 rtf for sky surfer battery i would think that you would get more parts to re-use by buying the sky surfer the best deal for the past few years - but maybe the sky surfer. 3-ch beginner rc planes - airplanes esky coco lama version 3 top brand gens ace lipo sky lipo blue lipo thunder batteries blue lipo sky lipo gens ace lipo micro size lipo. best battery for sky surfer v3 in 30mph winds page 22-discussion sky surfer - assembly and mod said in post 68 i used an 800mah battery wild hawk, clouds fly, hawk sky, and sky surfer), i like the skys the best battery for sky surfer v3.