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If there's any doubt about how popular Walter Extra's airplanes are, just do a Google search. I found far more models of this great aerobat than I did full-scale planes. In fact it was difficult to find much info on the real thing because there were so many companies making RC models of his plane.
In any case, if you're not already familiar with the many different varieties of the Extra 300, you're either not an airplane buff, or you've been living in a cave since the 80's. You can't go to an air-show or fun-fly without seeing several of them, and with good reason - It's one heluva great airplane!

I have personally owned 3 Extra's over the years in various sizes, my most recent being a 27% "Builder's Kit" version which came in at a whopping 22lbs. Imagine my delight when the new Great Planes 27% Extra 330S ARF came in almost 10 pounds lighter! It also sports a pretty radical MonoKote color scheme which is highly visible and has good top/bottom separation.

It is also available in a 38% version which I recently saw flying at the Futaba XFC tournament in Muncie.
This is a plane I'm looking forward to having some fun with. So let's dig in!


Name: Great Planes Extra 330S GP/EP Sport 3D ARF 79.5"

Price: $399.99

Wingspan: 79.5" (2025 mm)

Wing Area: 1209 sq in (77.9 dm2)

Flying Weight (advertised) 13.5-15.5 lb (6.1-7.0 kg)

Flying Weight (actual): 14 lb (6.35 kg)

Length: 78 in (1980 mm)

Engine: 1.50-1.80 cu in (25-29 cc) 2 stroke
OR 1.80-2.10 cu in (30-34 cc) 4 stroke
OR 1.90-2.60 cu in (32-43 cc) gasoline
OR 63-62-250 RimFire Outrunner Brushless motor, ESC and battery

Radio Used:Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz - (6) Futaba S9206 Servos.

(1)Futaba S9202 Servo.

Items Needed To Complete
Engine and Prop, Pitts Style Muffler, Radio: At least 4 channel radio with electronic mixing recommended for ultimate 3D flight performance, Receiver Battery: At least 1500mAh capacity,Servos: 6 high-torque (2-elevator, 2-aileron, 2-rudder) 1 standard torque for throttle, Servo Extension 24": 4, 2 required for aileron servos, and 2 for elevator servos, 2 "Y" Cords,30-Minute Epoxy,Medium CA or other glue,8-32 tap and #29 drill bit,Foam Padding for Tank,Various Hand Tools,

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