My Handmade Foamy Aircraft

scale rc model image
rc model - This is my first handmade small scale aircraft. It made of polyfoam which has light in weight and easy to be cut. It has 100 cm wingspan long, 80 cm fuselage, and only 440 grams weight. This aircraft powered by Tower Pro Brushless motor with 2 cells battery. I also put the Electronic Speed Control 18 ampere to control propeller rapidity.

scale rc model flying image
The first flying was in Serangan Island, Bali. My small scale aircraft seemed flying easily because the wind blew softly. I tried to airborne and turned it on the left and right successfully. However, I need to learn more how to roll the aircraft in order to do other maneuvers. It took approximately 15 minutes flew over the sky. I really enjoyed flying it.
my scale rc model image
My transmitter was 7 channels but I only used three cannels; throttle, elevator, and aileron. The receiver mode was only PPM so I shouldn’t have flown the aircraft far away from me. Nevertheless, I flew it about 400 meters away from me. The PPM receiver wasn’t able to receive signals from my transmitter. The aircraft lost of control and felt down into the lagoon side.