Electric and Nitro Planes Nitro RC Planes

This is Electric and Nitro Planes article. Hobby Quality rc model planes have high RPM nitro planes engine and electric motors. Some rc model planes can reach speeds of up to 140 mph. The most popular rc models are the almost ready to fly (ARF) and ready to fly (RTF).
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The ARF rc model comes from the manufacturer with most of the building and finishing work complete. Usually, major sections, such as the fuselage,wings, are prebuilt (or require no building). Most of the hardware and accessories are included and installed. An electric ARF rc model may include a motor. A gas powered ARF rc model rarely comes with an engine.

Although ARF rc model rc planes cost a little more than a Kit, they're the ideal choice for beginners or modelers who have few building skills, or limited amounts of time!

RTF rc model rc planes usually come as an ARF but includes all the equipment needed to fly it. Standard features will include the radio system, a motor or engine that is installed at the factory. A video and batteries for the radio are also included.

A nitro gas powered RTF rc model should include things such as, a glow starter, or a fuel bottle. An electric RTF should include a charger, a rechargeable battery, a speed control (mechanical or electronic) or auto cut-off. An RTF rc model usually costs more than a kit or an ARF model.

The decision is yours as to whether you want an RTF, ARF, or build-it-yourself kits, nitro gas powered, or electric. Click the links below for reviews of popular manufacturers...

Century specializes in electric powered indoor helicopters.

E-Flite specializes in nitro gas powered and electric airplanes.

From EZ flyers, to Slowflyers to airships, Megatech has them all, specializing in electric powered aircraft.

Hangar 9
Hangar 9 specializes in nitro gas powered trainers and aerobatic airplanes.

GWS makes all the more popular modern and WWII warbirds.

Kyosho makes many different rc airplanes and rc helicopters as well as WWII warbirds.