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RC model - Here we give you the top rc airplane reviews with tips and information on building and flying all types of airplanes from trainers to aerobatics to helicopters. The new Funtana S .40 3D ARF was designed exclusively for Hangar 9 by one of Europe's most famous 3D pilots, Sebastiano Silvestri.
Silvestri is an expert in F3A, a freestyle master and a world-class Tournament of Champions competitor that has amazed audiences all over the world. He based the Funtana S on his highly successful Katana S TOC design. The result is a budget-friendly .40-size airplane with unlimited IMAC performance. The Funtana can do it all: harriers, torque rolls, blenders, rolling circles and almost anything else you can dream up!

Funtana S .40 3d ARF image
The Alpha comes out of the box completely built and covered with Hangar 9 UltraCote®. Everything from the power system to radio control equipment is installed. What little assembly is left can be accomplished in minutes using the easy-to-follow manual. Once airborne, you'll be treated to the Alpha's gentle self-righting flight characteristics that make it easy to master the basics as well as recover from "sticky" situations.
Hangar 9's Alpha Trainer image

The Hobbyzone™ Firebird Outlaw™ RC airplane adds a new dimension to the art of Radio contol flying. Their concept of a no-experience-necessary RC airplane that includes everything you need to get flying for under $65 enables the beginner to successfully get into this wonderful hobby without spending a lot of money.
Hobbyzone Outlaw Ready to Fly image
The Xtra Easy 2 is the ultimate trainer. It comes with everything professionally installed. It's easy to assemble and easy to fly. Includes the JR XF421EX computer radio and Evolution Trainer Power System x a natural fit. All the necessary radio programming for the Xtra Easy is already done at the factory, making it ideal for flight training.
Nitro Xtra Easy 2 RTF image

The Cox XB-28 RC plane is a ducted fan jet electric airlifter model that will give you a lot of fun flights. It is detailed after the modern passenger ject.
Cox XB-29  Airlifter