How To Choose RC Planes Channels

How many rc plane channels you need to fly your rc planes? Choosing the right channel will conduct you in more high level flying technique. The rc planes channel you use is depend on what rc plane model you will buy. If you buy a complex rc plane control such as you can control the wheels, maybe camera, sliding canopy and many more, this mean the more channel you need to control the rc planes. How to choose rc planes channels?

How many channels you need is one of people ask when buying rc plane model. Choosing rc planes channel maybe a kind of difficult tack for certain people, but this is important when you will buy rc planes.
There are some common rc planes channel such as:
  • 2 channel rc planes (2ch rc planes) : used to control the elevator and rudder
  • 3 channel rc planes (3ch rc planes) : used to control elevator, rudder and throttle
  • 4 channel rc planes (4ch rc planes) : used to control elevator, rudder, throttle and aeleron.
More channel you use, mean you need more advanced flying ability to handle it. Basically, the beginner rc planes use 3 channel. The aeleron commonly used for advanced flyer. But don’t worry if you buy the 4ch rc planes for flying practice, you still can fly the 3 channels, here the way: just don’t move the 4th stick when you fly the rc planes, just it. Why the 4th stick? This is because there are commonly only 2 stick there, but you can perform 4 different control use with it, and the 4th sticl mean the stick use to control the 4th channel. When you already to advance flying, you can use the 4th stick again.

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