FMS SIMULATOR ERROR MESSAGE - FMS is the best flying software for rc modeller. After you install fms simulator in your PC, it it time to fly with it. The problems appear after you click the simulator button, after the program is launched, it display the following error message "D3DRM.DLL is not loaded", what actually happens?

fms error messageThis problem appear when you running the fimulator on Windows Windows 7 or Vista. are experiencing problems with the FMS program. Don't worry, this is not your mistake. Do you know that D3DRM.DLL is Direct3D Retained Mode, then in the win7 and Vista it has been removed.

fms error message 1
All you need to do download the D3DRM.DLL. After you download it, copy D3DRM.DLL to the FMS directory (directory where you install the FMS).