RC JET PLANES - looking for great flying experience with RC jets. If you need for speed model planes, try to fly this rc plane. The radio control jet can fly fast, so you must have good flying skills and attitude before fly it.

rc jet planesBut actually compare with his big brother, the larger scale gas turbine jets. You still can get the basic beginner model with radio control jet. This even fly slower and more stable.

There are some type of rc jet planes:
  • Electric Ducted Fan jets : This model also called EDF model planes. This model is small but has a good power to fulfill your need for speed. This unit has multi blades and called impeller that spin in very high RPM(rotary per minutes). The EDF itself is powered by powerful electric motor to spin the impeller.
    Twin 100MM EDF Radio Controlled Jet
  • Gas turbine jets : This model is true model gas turbine that is very expensive to buy. The smaller size model can cost you over $100 (exclude the jet and radio gear. This rc gas turbine jets are large scale jets that look like the real jet planes, the sound is realistic too and have impressive performance.
    Sam's Rafale RC Jet - Turbine Engine


helen said...

Awesome jet plane.Flying RC Jets is not an easy task. Since RC jets are very fast, novice flyers should not get into this sport without first acquiring some experience flying propeller driven RC planes or using an instructor. Find More