Firebird Phantom RC Plane

Firebird Phantom RC PlanesThis is Firebird Phantom RC Plane. With 7-cell 8.4V 300mAh Ni-MH, you can fly this rc model up to 6 minutes. This model featured revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology. The transmitter use AA battery with control range is approx 400m. This phantom rc planes is best for beginner, moreover the use of ACT to minimize crashes.

# Wing Span: 29.75 in (760mm)
# Overall Length: 23.5 in (600mm)
# Flying Weight: 8.5oz (240g)
# Motor Size: 180 power
# Radio: Proportional 3-channel FM with ACT
# Recommended Battery: 7-cell 8.4V 300mAh Ni-MH
# Transmitter Range: 1300 feet (400m)
# Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27mHz