Ventus RTF Scale Electric RC Glider

ventus discus rtf rc gliderThis is ventus rtf scale electric rc glider, one of best high-performance gliders scale rc glider. The big rc glider with 6 servos. The Ventus Discus rtf is fiberglass fuselage and the wing is foam core with fiberglass layer. Feel the awesome flying with 4-Meter Wing Span glider. The wing of this electric rc glider has winglets too.

# Wingspan: 3,800mm
# Length: 1,530mm
# Weight: 3,500g
# Airbrake: Factory installed
# Wing tip: Fiberglass winglet included
# Elevator: Factory installed elevator mechanism
# Radio: 5 Channel, 6 servos (4 mini, 2 standard) Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Brake
# Fuselage: Fiberglass, with balsa spar reinforce on tail
# Wing: Foam core with fiberglass layer, hardwood skin
# Wing rod: Dia 10mm steel rod with rubber suspension system
# Size 1780.00X360.00X260.00 mm