RC Piper J3 With Camera

piper j3 onboard camera
RC Piper J3 With Camera - RC Piper Cub-VidCam on board!. The picture above taken from the onboard camera as the piper j3 fly. Actually the picture is more clear than that, just watch the original in the video. Watch how the piper j-3 flying with rc camera.

Using an Aiptec Pocketcam X attached to the side of an Electric RC Piper Cub, I was able to get high enough to see the Greenwaste Facility on the east, and the school construction on the west.

You can see me standing on the road below doing the flying. When I shut the electric motor off, the prop still freewheels and you can hear it.
That's LaPata Road, San Juan Capistrano, California

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