Pink Floyd Foam RC Planes

This is electric rc planes - The Pink Floyd Foam RC Planes. This is big foam rc planes that you can find today. I don not know when the video recorded, but i think this is really cool foamy rc planes that really big one.

This is the original video of the 24 foot wingspan Pink Floyd foam RC airplane. The original video had no sound track so I added some music, but other than that it is unaltered. I believe this was the maiden flight.
I had nothing to do with building or flying this airplane. I just wanted to post it so it would not be forgotten.

He used Polyquest Lipo batteries totaling 6S 10400Mah, Phoenix 80 ESC, and a Hacker C50 14XL with a Hacker planetary 6.7:1 gearbox. Gotta remember this was 5 years ago. Large outrunners were not readily available then. The flight took place at 5:30pm, Badger Prairie St. Park, Madison Wisconsin, April 2 2005.


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