Blue P51D Mustang Electric

p 51 d mustang blue electricThis is Blue P51D Mustang Electric RC Airplanes. Mustang is famous WW bird. This is 2 channel rc planes. This is RTF model that very easy to fly. If you like mustang model planes, you can consider to this blue p-51d. This model use 7.2V Ni-MH with Wall Battery Charger.

  • Complete full function Left/Right
    and Up/Down Control

  • Airplane comes 99% pre-assembled, you can enjoy immediate
    flying fun

  • Mainly fabricated with EPS/EPP and PSP foaming airframe which is

  • Tough material structure provides, excellent anti-break

  • Wing provide excellent flying stability and maneuverability

  • Automatic motor cut-off function (will go landing if it
    flies out of controlled range)

  • Precision speed control

  • Ingenio thrust Vector controls

  • Automatic climb mode

  • Tough, Durable, Clean and Quiet

  • Perfect appearance and emulation (Scale appearance, great attention has been given to details)

  • Shock Resistant Reinforced fuselage and Strong Wings

  • Excellent Flight Performance

  • Super easy and super stable electric powered scale R/C park
    flyer for beginner

  • fuselage with pre-installed Electronics

  • Super stable for beginner, Super low speed for safety, Super
    low altitude for fun

  • Detailed Body Structure

  • Proportional Motor Speed Control

  • Crash Resistant Construction

  • Easy to Fly, Easy to Control, Super stable for beginner

  • Slow Speed Flying Capable, Good for Beginner

  • Best choice for Beginner

  • Approximately 15 minutes flight time on each charge

  • Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is
    included and 99% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for
    the transmitter)

  • Wingspan: 864mm (34 inch)

  • Length:610mm (24 inch)

  • Flying Weight: 370g (13 oz)

  • Battery: 7.2V Ni-MH

  • Control system: Radio Transmitter and Receiver

  • Radio Control Range: 1000 feet (300m)

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