Giant Yak 54 RC Airplanes

Giant Yak 54 ImagesThis is Giant Yak 54 RC Airplanes - 4 CH electric rc plane. This rc model planes has cool details, make me remember the YAK 54XL. Powered by 800KV Brushless motor with 3300mAh lipo battery. Giant Yak 54 is able to aerobatic flying as well such as inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls and more. About 15 minutes flight time with full battery charges.

Giant Yak 54 RC Airplanes Specs
# Wingspan: 1500mm (59 in)
# Length: 1210mm (47.6 in)
# Flying Weight: 2200g (77.6 oz)
# Wing Area: 43.9 dm2
# Wing Load: 50.1g/dm2
# Drive System: 800KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
# ESC: Brushless 60amp Speed Controller
# Servo: 5X 17g high speed metal gear servos
# Battery: 14.8V 3300mAh 20C Li-Polymer

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