Thunderbird Electric RC Glider

Thunderbird rc Glider ImageThunderbird Electric RC Glider - the 3 ch RTF Remote Control Electric RC Glider. Just like a normal glider after get high by electric motor. The Thunderbird Electric RC Glider is low flying glider, supported by concavo-convex aerofoil. One of great feature is the 12 channels Interchangeable crystal, capable to transform the radio channel.

The flight range is about 1600 feet, this mean you need to maintain the rc glider flight in the control range.
Thunderbird Electric RC Glider Specs
# Wingspan: 1100mm(43.3")
# Overall Length: 820mm(32.3")
# Flying Weight: 500g
# Wing Area: 12dm2
# Drive System: 380 carbon brushed motor
# Servo: 2X 12g high speed micro servos
# Battery: 8.4 V 600mah Ni-MH

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