Wilga 2000 Float RC Plane

Wilga 2000 Float on the water imageThis is Wilga 2000 Float RC Plane - 4 CH rc electric airplane that can take off on the water. Actually this planes can take off on the ground too, so don't worry about it. The wilga 2000 powered by SP2830-26 Motor with 1500mah lipo. About 20 minutes flight time, 3000 feet control range and equipped with Pontoon. This planes has strong wing and the body made of Shock Resistant Reinforced.

Wilga 2000 RC Planes Images
Wilga 2000 Float RC Plane Specs
# Wingspan: 1160mm (45.7 in)
# Overall Length: 888mm (35 in)
# Flying Weight: 550g (19.4 oz)
# Float Plane: 600g (21.16 oz)
# Wing Area: 16.82dm?
# Wing Loading: 35g/dm?
# Drive System: Brushless Out-Runner High Torque SP2830-26 Motor
# Speed Controller: 18A Brushless ESC
# Servo: 3X 8g high speed micro servos
# Battery: 11.1V 1500mah Li-Polymer
# Charger: 12.6V Li-Polymer
# Propeller: 8 X 6 Three-Bladed
# Undercarriage: Pantoon
# Pontoon Detail:
* Length: 600mm (23.6 in)
* Width: 600mm (23.6 in)
* Height: 65mm (2.56 in)
* Weight: 25g(each) (0.9 oz)
* Efficent Tonnage: 500ml(each)
* Matching Style: Wingspan 800-1200mm, Flying Weight: 1000g R/C, Petrol Airplane

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