J-3 Cub Grasshopper RC Airplanes

J-3 Cub Grasshopper rc plane ImageCool j-3 cub rc planes - the J-3 Cub Grasshopper RC Airplanes. This is 3 ch electric rc model. The J-3 Cub Grasshopper has about 28.8 in. body length and 35.5 in. wingspan. This plane is another great choice for beginner. COntrol the plane speed with speed electric motor, you can fly up to 12 minutes.

This is one of great electric rc plane with yellow body paint and looks the real planes.
J-3 Cub Grasshopper RC Airplanes Specs
Dimensions (inches) : (Length) 28.8 x (Wing Span) 35.5
Weight : 3kg (whole package)
Wing Area: 13.7dm2

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